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Customized Development

TopTech's offshore centre employs engineers skilled in various wed development technologies such as .NET, LAMP, J2EE etc. From your simple websites to complex e-commerce solutions can be entrusted to us. Before undertaking any project, we do the right things; prototypes proof of concept so that you are confident that what we deliver is exactly what you wanted.

As the complexities of IT projects increase, they require more coordination than in the past, along with shorter delivery deadlines. In this context, a process-oriented approach is more important than ever. We understand this fact very well and work accordingly.

Managing Product Development

Project constraints are what a company has imposed on a project. A company is willing to spend some amount of money to fund the project (Cost to Market), and is willing to invest in some people (People and their Capabilities), and has created some environment in which you can manage the project (Work Environment). Company cares about these constraints, otherwise you could spend more money, hire more people, or change the work environment without having to stand on your head and spit nickels, or whatever rigmarole you go through for more resources.

Project requirements(Features) are what customers care about. The customers care when the project will be complete (Time to Market), what the feature set is, and how good the product will be (Low Defects).

That's how we, at TopTech, approach software development. During a development cycle, we follow a Five Phased Development approach.

  • Information Planning and Requirement Study
  • Analysis, Design and Development plan
  • Iterative Development Process and Documentation
  • Testing & Implementation
  • Post-implementation support and Warranty
 Mobility Solutions

The most important technology innovations in the mobile computing space in recent times have been iPhone and Android. We build smartphone Apps based the powerful combinations of computing flexibility, slick interfaces, integrated technologies such as GPS, accelerometer and camera. We are experienced in developing applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and using latest technologies like PhoneGap, Titanium, Appcelerator, HTML5, Sencha, JQuery mobile and CSS.

 Responsive Designs

The term refers to a design by which a website renders clearly in both PCs and mobile devices. We use Twitter Bootstrap as our major toolkit. The need for responsive web design is increasing day by day, as the mobile internet is becoming more popular. Responsive feature has certain advantage when we think of search engine optimization on any website.


We follow open source and custom-built platform for creating an e-commerce websites. Our expertise in e-commerce platforms like EC-Cube, Magento, OScommerce etc. help quickly build websites according the client specifications. From simple to complex e-commerce websites, our offshore team delivers you the best possible solution at a low cost.

 Custom Applications

TopTech builds software applications. It is as simple as that. Be it legacy migration, custom application development, enterprise application integration, application maintenance & support, we offer a range of application services that includes application integration, application re-engineering and ongoing maintenance & support.

Our Expertise