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INR. 500,000 (TopTech Informatics Pvt. Ltd., India)
JPY 10,000,000 (TopTech Informatics K.K., Japan)

Financial Year:

April to March (India)
February to January (Japan)
April to March (Hong Kong)


The HDFC Bank (India)
Mizuho Bank (Japan)
HSBC (Hong Kong)

Haken License #: 特13-302886
Recruitment #: 13-ユ - 303413

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1996 in Kerala state, India with a vision to provide companies with integrated Information Technology services backed up by Management Consultancy and Document Management Solution (archiving, indexing and retrieving) also known as Digitisation Service, TopTech Informatics has served many government and private organizations in India and Japan.

TopTech's focus as a start-up company was software solutions to small and medium sized establishments in Kerala state, where TopTech worked with government organisations such as the Kerala Electricity Board, Cochin Refineries, Hindustan Newsprint Corporation etc. and many other small and medium sized private organisations, fulfilling their software requirements. In the meanwhile, TopTech also started an IT training institute where scores of students were trained in latest technologies. TopTech was registered under Small Scale Industries Act in 2002.

In 2003, TopTech started its operation in Japan under the umbrella of Global Family Y.K., acting as its IT Division, providing on-site staff-augmentation to foreign financial institutions and customised software development. In 2006, TopTech spun off Global Family and became an independent entity TopTech Informatics Y.K.

Major Time lines:

2015 - Established a tie-up with Career Architects Ltd., Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Arges Gobal Co. Ltd.
2011 - Started Hong Kong operations as TopTech Informatics (Hong Kong) Co. LTD.
2008 - Incorporated as a Kabushiki Kaisha, TopTech Informatics K.K.
2006 - Became an independent entity in Japan, TopTech Informatics Y.K.
2003 - Started its Japan operations under Global Family Y.K.
2002 - Registered under Small Scale Industries Act in India.
1996 - Founded in Kerala state, India by Paulson Thoppil, an entrepreneur.

Our Guiding Principles

Business Integrity and Honesty of Purpose are central to the philosophy of our company. We keep our commitments, we deliver on time and we are honest with our clients.

We are focused and deliberate in our words and actions. We do the right thing, at the right time, in the right manner.

We are committed to deliver quality solutions to our clients. Both Management of Quality and Quality of Management are central to our solutions while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

People-Service-Profit. Your need is the start of a People-to-people relationship and gives us an opportunity to Serve you. Profit comes last.

Our client's priorities are important to us. Understanding client's needs better and getting quality solutions increase the likelihood of success.

We share knowledge and leading ideas with our clients to help demystify the process.